Thursday, May 20, 2010

No Place Like Home!

For the past thirty years I have lived in tornado alley, and every March, April and May look a bit like this…

For the most part, of those 30 years, I have lived in the central part of my state. That’s where I like to say all the “action” takes place!

Last night I believe that we had our last hurrah of the season! And did we ever go out with a bang!
Though I feel that our meteorologist tend to go a tad bit overboard on their forecasting {they take a scare the pants off you approach}. May have difficulty pinpointing ice and snow, but they’ve got this tornado thing down pat.

On days when the weather is headed south, and fast, all major channels show nothing but storm chasers tracking the paths of the storms{hour after hour}. Giving you ample time to take shelter.
No matter how many times we tell the kids not to worry let mom & dad take care of it, they freak out!
One weather man suggested making your children put on helmets to protect them from flying debris and large hail.
Isn’t amazing how well they can {will} listen to others? Maybe I can slip them some $$$$ to help put the fear into them about doing their homework!

We spent a fun filled half hour bunkered down with our neighbors, who so graciously allow us to share their storm shelter.

It missed us this time by about 2 miles.
Oh how I love the beauty of the sky after a storm passes by….


  1. That sky looks amazing in your last shots, but that must be scary. I always wondered what do you do if you're at work and not near a TV or radio? Or the kids are at school? I'd want to run right up there and get them!

  2. Wow - your last two shots are phenomenal! Although I am SUPER thankful that I don't live anywhere near tornado country!

  3. Wow, what an incredible sight! Great photos!

  4. Don't you love the area! I think the skies are just so incredible.

  5. Hi Kate! Is there an e-mail I can get in contact with you? I was wondering if you're interested in doing a guest post for my blog! Let me know if you are!

  6. I seriously got the chills after looking at those sky photos! Crazy!

  7. Love your last photos! They are stunning!! Glad everyone is safe! Being in south central Texas I can relate....we've had many close calls, but thank God nothing too major! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I know what you mean... those memorable evenings spent hiding out in the basement. Usually with a battery powered radio because half of the time there is no power. Flashlights and candles. I still tend to 'freak' out... but not quite as much as when I was young. :) You have some stunning photos of this one... WOW!!

  9. At least your photos are beautiful. I, too, dodge many a tornado every spring and fall. And, those helmets might be a first for me. :) But, the good news is you guys were safe!


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