Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Seam's Are Busting, for Real!

Where to start? For the last two years I have slowly gained about 20 pounds. At least I think it’s about that. I refuse to step on a scale EVER! I like to monitor my weight by wearing the same size and how my clothes are fitting.

Most of my clothes have continued to fit, a few jeans refuse to go over my hips, but for the most part I was content with being “fluffy” and happy. 

Even when my five year old pointed at my thighs in the dressing room and asked, loudly, “ is that what they call fat?” as he pointed to the back of my thigh, while contorting his head. Shocked and saddened that my five year old son would even have that thought about body image.

That was until a few days ago when I realized this.
 My “FAT” jeans were coming undone at the seams, right at the hips!

That was enough for me to take action and get motivated. No more excuses. Just waiting after this holiday, or after the next birthday party. It needed to be NOW!

I have really wanted to start Nutrisystem. But find it hard for two reasons. First, being the cost that would be added to our monthly food budget. Second, we enjoy eating dinner together as a family. I am super anal about making that a priority in my home. It is a time for us all to connect and I didn’t want to set a bad example for my 10 year old daughter. Besides, I like to cook.

Then I read somewhere that Nutrisystem keeps you on a diet of about 1,200 calories. And I thought to myself that’s a no brainer. Planning my breakfast and lunch would be easy. But figuring out how many calories were in my dinner was going to be a bit harder.

I cook all our meals and figuring out the calorie count was going to be tricking. Until this awesome site came into my life  It's amazing!!!!! All I have to do is type in my recipe and tell it how many it serves and it will tell me the calorie count, genius!

Sometimes it will give me a red little flag and I will have to re-word an ingredient. But, for the most part it provides the info in a blink of an eye. So now I know just how much to put on my plate. I am on day three and the hunger pains are slowly getting weaker. I think my stomach his getting the clue that it’s not getting anymore today except for a glass of water.

I plan to take a weekend night off when we go out with friends or the family. But I am hoping to stay on track and be down 20 pounds in 11 weeks. That is if I don’t eat my leather bed while sleeping and dreaming of an In and Out double double with fries. 

Only time will tell!


  1. good for you! its so hard to make that first step...well, it just plain sucks. it will be worth it though!! good luck--you can do it!!!!

  2. I wish you the best of luck. If this doesn't work...give WW a's working great for Mr.CC and I...very easy and we get a ton of food!


  3. I'm with Linda, WW is great and has helped me tremendously. I'll be rooting for you too!

  4. I'm sure you'll do fine, Kate! After a few weeks, you'll have your stomach on track with what you are doing.

  5. I'm going to check out that website. It seems like every winter I add on a few extra pounds. I guess I needed the extra fat to keep me warm! Now that short and tank top season is approaching, I'm freaking out just a bit. Time to get serious about working out!!

    I'm totally craving a double double animal style with fries now... :)

  6. I'm sorry that you are in that predicament, but misery loves company. My big girl jeans are too snug too. You can do it and so can I. Let's go!


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