Monday, March 8, 2010

? Bakumatsu Koshin ?

Just had to share with you a site that is FREE and one I have been playing around with.

It takes pictures like this

And this

And recreates them to look like this.
100-150 years older, without the wait {smile}!
Pretty cool, uh?
I’ll warn you, it gets addicting uploading pictures to see how they look old.When you first visit the site everything is in Japanese. You need to go to the upper right hand corner and click on English.

Unless, any of my followers are fluent in Japanese. And, if so I am in ahhhh!

Have fun!


  1. Oh wow - that is too cool. I will have to check it out for sure. That second photo is gorgeous new or old... Have a blessed week!

  2. They looked great before but I really like the new uh I mean old effect you added to them! How fun, I need to check out that site. I did a photo shoot last Friday and have been tucked away in the our office giving the pictures from the a little more love…’s super addicting and I lose track of time very easily.
    Happy Monday to ya!

    Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training”

  3. Oh no... that looks WAY to cool!! I am definitely going to have to check that out! Thanks for the heads up. I *finally* posted about the prize I won from you... so sorry it took so long for me to get it posted! Thank you again!!

  4. Oh, this looks great! Can't wait to try it out.


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