Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to the land where everything was fabulously PINK and Girly!

If you are ever makin' your way through Oklahoma down I-35 you need to put exit 31B, in Ardmore, down for a potty break.

The family and I were headed to Dallas this past weekend and I had finally decided that I wanted to stop here{after many years of driving by}...and so we did!

I failed to take a picture from the road, but lets just say if the 100 pink bicycles lining the circle drive , doll heads along the fence posts and the 12 foot ice cream cone don't catch your eye nothin' will.

This place was packed with all kinds of goodies. Clothing, jewelry, party goods and books. I happened to pick up a great new cook book titled Down Home White Trash Cooking. This place was so much fun. I will have to say the boy's in our family were ready to go before we even opened the door. But lucky for me the cat, parrot and poodle {with hot pink toes} kept my 4 year old entertained.

One room had beautiful maps from all over ready for you to use however you pleased. The porch was lined with shelves full of iron cast goodies.

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