Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ahh it's over...for this year!

Gabe "graduated" from his first series of swim lessons last week. And even though daddy had hoped he would be swimming on the last day, he was very close.

I observed two things while {sweating} setting watching his class.

First, the boy is not afraid to hold his breath under water for an un real amount of time. I really thought I was going to have to dive in on a few occasions. At one point a lifeguard went to check on him! So I wonder if he wished he was a fish sometimes!
Second, He was soooo excited , on the last few days of class, to jump off the diving board. Gabe ,being the first in line, ran off free and happy and did the biggest belly flop you have ever seen. And NO ONE was in the pool yet. It all happened so fast and I was for sure he had knocked the wind out of himself. But, up he came with a smile from ear-to-ear! Gabe,Does your tummy hurt?

No, why mommy?

Hmm...maybe I'm the only one who can see that it's beat RED!
He came running over to me and asked if I had seen him. Sure thing honey, but can we try jumping in feet first this time?

Something tells me that he will be jumping head first {fearless} in whatever life brings his way!

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  1. LOL! I just read this post! That was the funniest thing ever!! Let's try to get the kids in the same swim lesson this year! Too fun!!


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