Monday, July 13, 2009

Looky, Looky...Pretty...

I realized yesterday that I have been coming home more and more with these clear little bobbles.

I used to always stay true to my guns and stick with plain white or cream. It just goes with everything.

But I think these do too.

All having been saved from my local Goodwill.

Vase $1.00
Pedestal Bowl $0.50
Small Pitcher $0.50
Mini Ice Cream Dish $0.25
Inverted Cone $0.50

TOTAL $2.50

I also came across this a few days ago.

I have yet to venture into vintage linens. But this Little baby might lead my way.

Yep, Goodwill $0.75!

I love the retro holiday pattern. Can't wait to use her this Christmas!

Me helping reduce, reuse and recycle...priceless!


  1. your dishes are beautiful
    and that retro table cloth was a steal! it will be lots of fun at Christmas

  2. Love your finds, I have been bringing home the clear ones too and used to I would pass them up, now lovin them! Love that tablecloth!

  3. I love the clear ones because there are so many things you can do with them! Great finds.

  4. Nice to see such beautiful finds at your Goodwill. Unfortunately, here Goodwill prices have soared. They are now about the same as Ross or TJ Max. Even the employees are upset about how much they have to charge.

  5. Great buys on the glassware. I have accumalated some myself.

  6. Oh, those are all pretty pieces. Love that vintage Christmas tablecloth too. I would love it if you would link from your post back to my party, so that all your readers can come over too.

  7. Love the glass goodies! Several of those have found a home with me too!

  8. Great buys and so cheap too !
    Hugs !~ Kammy

  9. Great buys. Linens are really fun to find. I love linen hand towels with crochet, lace, monograms etc. have fun searching


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