Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swimming in Veggies!

Can you tell I have posted A LOT on squash and zucchini the past few weeks? Let's just saw we are swimming in it. And I am now thankful that we lost a few plants at the start of the season.

I wanted you to see what we had for dinner the other night. If you are in the same "boat" I'm in, this might be useful to you too. Sorry I failed to get a close-up of the sauce. Please forgive me?

Hmm... what to call it... Shrimp with Angel Hair Pasta and zucchini-squash (whatever is in the garden) sauce!

Here is what I used:

1 bag frozen uncooked shrimp (devained) and thawed

8oz of cooked angel hair pasta

1 jar spaghetti sauce (fresh from the store!)

1 squash

1 zucchini



kosher salt


extra virgin olive oil

Grated Parmesan

Soak bamboo skewers in water for 30 minutes or longer.

Here is a great tip I just picked up. Instead of having to wait for the skewers to soak each time you grill k-bobs. Soak the intire package in a 9x13 water filled pan for about an hour. Use what you need that night then place the rest in a freezer safe bag and pop into the freezer. Next time you go to grill you won't have to wait for them to soak.

Slide thawed shrimp onto skewers extra tight to help them not fall off during grilling.

Frozen shrimp will almost always be fresher than what you can buy in the case. Of coarse considering that you don't live on the cost!

Drizzle with olive oil and dash with paprika, cumin, salt & pepper on each side like this.

Dice your squash and zucchini and toss into your sauce. Bring to boil and reduce to medium heat and allow to simmer while pasta and shrimp are cooking.

Cook shrimp over indirect heat on grill. About 2-4 minutes on each side.

Place desired amount of cooked pasta and sauce into bowl. Top with shrimp and fresh grated Parmesan.

I served it with another quick family favorite of ours. You guessed it FRESH cucumber drizzled with Wishbone Italian dressing. That's light dressing thank you very much!

Just another way to incorporate garden veggies into your dinner quick.


  1. Wow that looks yummy! I LOVE zuchinni and squash!

  2. Unfortunately I don't have zucchini or squash growing out back, but this looks like it's worth a trip to the store!


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