Monday, July 13, 2009

Squash the Bug

I think I might have found a new method on bag worm control.

You see the little man truly believes that he will play short stop for the Yankees, wear number two and be a switch hitter. Great trait's for a 4 year old don't ya think?

Anywhoo... as I sat on our front porch the other night watching Gabe practice off his tee. I glanced over at my Blue Atlas Cedar tree and gasped! Bag worms! They come and go around here and I had a mighty large case on my hand.

So after pulling them off by hand yuck! (This may be a form of punishment I devy out in the future) I noticed they were inching their way back to my tree.

I called Gabe over to take a look. Daddy was being impatient as I was distracting him from "squashing the bug". A method taught by coaches to help kiddos learn good form. So I had Gabe take a break and "squash my bugs" and he loved it!

In between practicing hitting from his left to right I would have him come "squash" a new pile of bugs I had picked off. You can see them on the sidewalk to the house.

Lucky for me that I have such a great helper around.

Because off in the wee distance his sister is sweeping off the neighbors drive! She won't even touch a broom at our house anymore. That little stinker.

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