Monday, December 13, 2010

Sign, Sealed and Delivered!

If you only knew how long and hard I hunted to find a REAL old fashioned soda fountain you would think I was insane!

Honest, I was thinking of driving to Dallas to visit one that I know would have been perfect.

All that just because I wanted to take my kids Christmas pictures in one! I'm just about to cut me some peace sign fingers off! He was doing them in almost every picture. Urr...

Needless to say I made due with a refurbished Fountain shop in the city.

I ordered up milkshakes and let the sugar start flowing!

Then came my smiles.

Last year’s pictures were really vibrant. So this year I was going to do all black and white, but in the end I decided to add a bit of color to each of them.

Anyone know of some great design software? I really would love to take my pictures to that next level and create some fabulous cards.

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog! Love it!

    Carrie @

  2. oh my gosh... the two front teeth Christmas Card is genius! Your kiddies are adorable!! I love, love, love your cards!!

  3. Very Cute. Love them pics.

  4. Wow -- beautiful photos -- adorable kiddos! :)


  5. Great photo session! Your kids are beyond cute!

    Have you seen the website ? They have some unique photo cards that I haven't seen from other stores and/or sites.


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