Friday, December 10, 2010

I had to share with you two cute little girls I was lucky to take pictures of a few weeks back. And maybe give some inspiration to anyone out there still struggling with creating a Christmas Card.

They were perfect “fashion models” for me and really got into posing for the camera!

 Some of our best shots didn’t come till right at the very end.

Funny how that works.

Their Christmas card turned out so cute. They used a lyric to a new song they had learned at school, Merry Christmas with a capital “C”! I love when family’s make their cards personal. It’s like a stamp in time as to just what their kiddos were all about.

It’s not too late to create something cute for your family to share this Christmas. So get your thinking caps on everyone.

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  1. WOW!....You never cease to amaze me, Kate!! These are beautiful!! Great job.


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