Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Book Debacle Solved!

I am sure that most of us have a large stack of Children’s Christmas books we try and read to our kiddos over the Christmas Season.

So I wonder if this scenario every get’s played out in your home.

Oldest child wants to read one book so younger child thinks it would be “fun” to mix things up and want to read another book. Granted in a perfect world, without homework and life’s obligations, we just might have time to read all of them every night. But there just aren’t enough hours in my day to make that happen.

I decided to take all the books we have left to read this year and wrap each one up. Now we take turns between the two kiddos on who gets to pick and unwrap what we are going to read for the night.

Not only has it stopped the “no I want to read this one” little man loves the idea of getting to unwrap something!

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