Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our 6th Annual Daddy Daughter Dance

So I'm just a little slow in getting this posted!

A few weeks back Ryan and Hannah went to their 6th annual Daddy Daughter Dance.

Even though she has changed over the years, just a little. They both look forward to this night each year. Always involving dinner at Ted's!

This year we didn't go all out on one fancy dress, that she more than likely would only be wearing once. It also involved our purchase of the first clothing item to resemble orange! For bedlam reasons that we all know, orange is not "allowed" within our color world. I reminded daddy it was COARL and a very trendy color right now. He just smiled and didn't say a word. Such a smart man!

Instead we layerd on a few new things she can also wear into spring.

Our color palate started with the shoes! Bold and bright.

It went from there. Somewhat reminding me of the "neon" '80's!

The wrist corsage is a must and well worth the $38.00 price tag! She has kept them all pinned up in her room and can remember which one she wore to each dance.

Fist bumps!

As for me and the little guy, not so little anymore. It was opening night for Star Wars 3D Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

Involving light sabers.

Three D glasses and tubs of popcorn.

Seeing grown men and women all decked out, crazy!

I think this was the first time I had really payed attention to the story line. Has anyone else out there?

It begins with young Aniken Skywalker, born of a virgin, deemed to be the "chosen" one that has come to free his people from slavery! HELLO!! I kept looking around wondering if I had been the only clueless one. Did others see right through this story line? You can read about it for yourself here. I'll be looking into it for sure. Not so sure where George Lucas was going with all this, very curious!

But the movie was fun and Gabe loved it all, right down to holding mommy's hand and opening my door. All while my heart was melting.

Can't wait till next year!


  1. Hi Kate! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love this daddy daughter dance idea. So wonderful for a young girl.

  2. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! What fun!

    I'm having a homemade card swap over on my blog and would love it if you joined us!

  3. Hannah is such a beautiful girl. And I absolutely understand the "no orange" thing. That's a rule in our Sooner lovin' house too!


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