Friday, April 15, 2011

Seeds, Sunscreen and a Light Bulb Moment!

I went into this new t-ball season excited about Gabe playing on a new “competitive” team. Yes, you read that right, a competitive T-BALL team. Crazy, I know!

Why you ask would parents do that to a six year old child?

I’ll tell you…my son LIVES to play the game, is very competitive and if I do say so myself not to shabby of a player. So we wanted him to be on a team that challenged him, and not bore him. A team where he was NOT the “star” to give him a reality check!

Well, did I ever get my wish.

The light bulb should have gone off when practice started, three days a week!

Then it was games twice a week, plus practice.

I, being the “young” naive thing that I am was thrilled when I saw the schedule and noticed we didn’t have any games on the weekends.

Light bulb moment #2… weekends are saved for you to travel and play tournaments, Ha…Ha…Ha…!

So, this past weekend we had our very first tournament, and guess what?

We won the whole thing!

And Gabe got his very first trophy.

I was looking forward to working in my veggie garden Saturday until his coach called last night…Guess what?

We have another tournament this weekend!

Praise God we only allow the kiddos to play one sport!

Championship Snocones anyone?

I did however get one of the things marked off my "I need" list...sunkissed legs...and arms...and face!


  1. Ohhh congrats!!! Josh wanted to start wrestling but at 2 nights a week + matches and tournaments every weekend there was no way we could do that plus boy scouts and speech therapy. Hopefully no more speech next year and hello wrestling...or soccer or whatever he's into next year! :) It will be a fun time for your little guy!!

  2. Awww....your little man looks great! He has healed so nicely. Good luck with all that baseball stuff - we've been playing for two years straight and all those ballpark hot dogs get a little old. :)

  3. Go Gabe!! I hope he enjoys this team and has a blast playing on a competitive team. My fiance's sister finally got her 6 year old signed up for baseball since my fiance has worked with him since he could hold a bat and ball. he's doing well and hopefully next year they will put him on a competitive team.
    Happy Baseball season!


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