Monday, April 25, 2011

Hannahkate Photography

I finally took a leap of faith and turned my passion and hobby into a business!


Yes, I am newbie with LOTS to learn but I can’t wait! The pictures you see on the site are SOOC {straight out of the camera}. I plan to purchase Photoshop in the very near future along with a new lens and a hand held flash. This will allow me to give my images a more “professional look”.

Thanks to my first few clients who were a joy to work with and get to know. It was you who helped me realize just how much I wanted to pursue this adventure.

I hope you’ll take a moment to pop over and visit Hannahkate Photography.

And a HUGE thank you to Jessica at The Frilly Coconut. Jessica, you were such a huge help to me creating the design for the new site. Bloggers, when you are looking for a new look or just a touch up The Frilly Coconut is the only place to run too!

The Frilly Coconut


  1. yeah! Im so excited for you! you are a talented photographer girlie - you will do great!
    Oh I'm having another giveaway if you want to come over and win again, I mean try and win lol

  2. Yay! That is fantastic and your new site looks amazing!

  3. good for you! good luck on your new venture! pics are beautiful! xoxo's nancy

  4. that's super exciting! your blog photos are gorgeous I've been thinking that for a while those fancied up marshmallow shoots were some of my favs. the site looks great have fun in your new adventure


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