Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

Just wanted to share with you a smile form the cutest little man I know!

We have been playing lots of ball games and we have LOTS more to go. I got him to slow down just long enough for me to snap this picture of him.

He likes to look just like all of daddy’s players.

Right down to what he calls his “ogles”!

Sigh... don’t ya’ just love a guy in uniform {smile}!

The stitches are gone and we are left with what, I think, looks pretty good compared to what he looked like three weeks ago. Got a feeling that people will be telling him he needs to wipe off his mouth for a few years to come.


  1. YEah he looks gorgeous!!!!!! So handsome. Love the oogles lol

  2. What adorable little 'men' in was big in our family when I was growing up. My maiden name is Gaines and I do not know my family...they are of West Virginia...

  3. What a cutie!!! Kate, his face looks sooo good!!!He looks FANTASTIC!! I'm really excited to see his sweet smile again. Ahhhh.....what a blessing. =)

  4. Gabe looks fantastic!!! And so handsome in his uniform! :)

  5. He's a gorgeous man! And I love his smile.

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  6. You may already know this, but sunscreen is a must for scars. It makes all the difference. My nephew had a scar the entire vertical length of his forhead (split open to his skull). My sister religiously applied sunscreen everyday for one full year and you really have to look to notice his scar. Glad Gabe is doing so well!

  7. He looks like he's doing great and I love the boys in their baseball gear!


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