Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Think I can....

I really wanted to take the kiddos picture's at this great park I had heard about. So I invited my niece and nephew to come along. This was a great chance for me to practice with my new Cannon Rebel SLR. The kids had a good time and worked pretty good for me (I promised cake and ice cream!).

If anything I realized with a few more lenses and, a couple of classes to teach me how to use all this stuff. I might be able to take some good pictures as the kids grow. Just another thing to add to my daydreaming list. I think it will fall right above wanting to learn how to cover furniture.


  1. Great pictures! I didn't know you had this hobby too :) or a blog!

  2. Hey Kate, I was just over on your blog and clicked on the "camera" category. I've always admired your pictures and I was just curious what kind of lens you use. I have the Canon Rebel XSi and love it. I have the lens that came with the camera and then last year I got the "nifty fifty" lens and have been playing around with that more the last couple of weeks. I've been looking into getting another lens but of course all the lenses I want are very pricey!! I would love to splurge for an "L" series. Maybe someday...


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