Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Crash Test Dummies!

My kiddos are great!

And have this "picture “taking thing down to a "T".

They know if they can give me 20 minutes we will be outta there.

But, if they decided not to corporate.

It can take forever!

They are my "test dummies" for any new location  I want to try out.

This day it just so happened to be a dentist office. That just so happened to set on a very busy street.

Nothing a "tween" likes to do more than have her good ole mom make her drag a couch out onto a dentist office lawn and make her pose on it!

While her brother grins at the camera trying to give her a Texas wedgey.

Oh the memories I am creating for them!


  1. Great pictures, Kate! Your daughter is growing up to be quite the beauty!

  2. Your husband must already have plans for the boys that (will inevitably) come knocking for your gorgeous daughter!!

  3. So cute!! Your kiddos are adorable!


  4. I actually have a question for you on a post you made 2 years ago. You posted a picture of a baseball which you put a handprint on. (I didn't know if you would get a notification if I commented on an old post). Would you please email me & let me know what kind of ink you used? I want to make sure I get something which won't wipe off or soak in to the ball. Thank you so much! Need asap to make for a Christmas gift!


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