Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BFF Christmas Gifts

Social butterfly has a never ending list of friends that she "has" to gift each year. And each year I always try and think of something they would use and s super cute to boot.

This year we did purple glitter nail polish { just also happens to be the school school}.

I was able to make 16 {wrapped} gifts for $33.83.

This summer I picked up a bottle of nail polish for Hannah at Target. Not wanting to spend $8 bucks a bottle I got her a brand they carry called Sinful. This stuff stayed on all digits FOREVER and is $1.99.

So 16 jars of $1.99 nail polish and $1.99 for nut cups and we were ready to wrap.

I buy crinkle wrap in bulk for HannahKate Photography so I had plenty to spare. The clear bags I keep on hand at all times. And we pulled ribbon from my huge stash. I truly feel that gift presentation is part of the gift!

Added a cute gift tag and, whola! Perfect tween gift to share.

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  1. Really cute gift that could also be a party favor for tweens too. Mentally noted.

  2. Um...I may be stealing this idea! So great


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