Thursday, September 1, 2011

It was like Christmas morning, but better!

Yep, I believe I have forever confirmed my name to the William Sonoma mailing list after my most current purchase.

This beauty arrived earlier this week. And yes it is an OUTRASGOUSLY priced piece of equipment. But let me take a moment to try and justify it.

First, I am a working mom who hates {HATE’S} to waste my time ironing, nor do I want to pay someone else to do it for me. And my current iron was not getting the job done. So, a googling I went to track down the best iron I could.

There is much discussion about the high level of generator irons available overseas. And after lots of a research I knew that was my answer. I spent a few weeks researching and reviewing a number of irons. And this one seemed to fit the bill best.

It heats up in a mere 3 minutes and honestly cuts the time in HALF to iron anything. It even has a heavy duty fabric wrapped double cord just like grandmas!!! The water is stored in a large generator and pumped to the iron. Making the iron as light as a feather with full steam ALL THE TIEM {smile}! Check out the 400 steam holes...

We all stood around watching the miracle before our eyes. It’s truly amazing…you can check out the online video here.

I was somewhat reluctant to purchase another Rowenta. The few I had paid a $100 for never seemed to last me longer than a few years. But I have faith that this one will last me for years to come.

Now, I just have to convince my hubby to make our next household appliance investment a Vitamixer!

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  1. I hate to iron too! We used the dryer as a fluffer most days:)


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