Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Recap, somewhat!

Not sure if posting about Christmas is "acceptable" at such a late date. But, hey lately late has been my middle name... So fitting as it happens to rhyme with Kate!

We had a very blessed Christmas with family and friends. So thankful that yet another year has passed and we have all been healthy and well enough to get together.

However, we did have our share of some exciting times. Ryan, threw out his back and spent much of Christmas drugged beyond coherencies. It provided some comical moments at his expense. Thankfully by New Year’s he was feeling worlds better.

Ryan found this grungy, fabulous, to die for chair that we hauled to my wonder working upholstery diva. I decided to take one of the wingbacks from my pair to have a leg repaired. Only to watch it fly out of Ryan's truck on the HWY half way there. Thankfully no one was injured, except my chair. It celebrated New Years in the dumpster. Sniff, sniff. But this one lived and I can't wait to get her back!

We rang in New Year’s Eve grilling out steaks, enjoying the unusually fabulous weather. Friends were over and I stepped away for a few minutes only to hear Ryan say "I think I see flames out the window"! Our gas grill was a blaze. I quickly turned off the gas removed the steaks. Ya, don't mess around with meat at our house. And still the fire grew. Running back in to grab the fire extinguisher, a gift from my neighbor after I caught the brisket in our oven on fire when we first moved in 7 years ago. I slid and bone bruised my tail bone. Ten days later and I still squint and set very slowly. Needless to say the fire extinguisher did the job. And left quite a mess for me to clean up. Lesson learned, it's best to clean out your grease tray located just under your grill.

Lastly, scenes of Caddy Shack have been taking place in our yard. Moles, golfers, R-O-D-E-N-T-S whatever you want to call them have claimed our yard as there new turff to conquer. A visit to my local Co-op has had the neighborhood kiddos all over to watch. As I drop lighted bombs and arsenic pellets into well over 20 mounds! They set with loaded BB Guns in anticipation of "shooting" one that might pop its little head out. We are still at war but I can see that they are preparing to raise their white flag any day now.

Awe, who new home ownership could be sooo exciting! It's going to be a great year!

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