Monday, November 28, 2011

Random, For Sure!

It's almost over!

The pre-season photo session marathon! I haven't even had time to post about all the fabulous people I have meet during my sessions.

I was uploading a picture from my iphone. Then saw a bunch of pictures that I thought I would share. Hey, it at least gave me something to post about.

These are all from a trip we took back in October that I haven't even got to share with you about.

A 15 year anniversary.

Hannah's first bloody soccer nose.

Little man being funny!

Miss Me, WHAT ????? Equals ALL girls school for Miss. social

Hannah;s first time on the Honor Roll. She asked me what it was! Hey you gotta start somewhere!

A very proud moment for me! Ryan and our friend comparing Black Friday deals , 2:00 A.M. at Target. Us girls just set back and grinned! This is how "old folk" stay out late at night.

Little Man can't handle all the shopping!

New trunk we picked up for our bedroom remodel...the longhorn's will be hanging upside down at Ryan's office!

Hopefully by next week I'll be back in full swing with a few Christmas ideas to share.

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