Thursday, October 13, 2011

What I Want for My Kiddos!

If you know me you know I don't use Facebook. But, today I was making a visit and found this.

This is how I want my kiddos to view the world. To be happy with what they have, doing what they love! If only we can succeed!

So many kids, {adults} I see today feel entitled to EVERYTHING! It's a battle I refuse to loose for their sake.


  1. While I strongly commend this student, I also commend those fighting against the fraud on Wall Street. People & companies like Enron and Madoff need to be stopped. There are lives at stake, my retired father’s 401K has taken a tumble due to some of the mischief on Wall Street. I just don’t think we have to knock their hustle to salute ourselves.

  2. Ok so really I stopped by to let you know that I featured your simple little ghost favor idea on my blog, but I love what you just posted about! In fact, I called my 12 year old daughter over and read it to her! I couldn't agree more with everything there!! Anyway, feel free to stop by blog and grab an "I was featured button" if you would like!

  3. Love this. I agree with Tiffany also. Both things are true I think.

  4. We don't facebook and our children do not have cell phones... I too think this generation has 'entitlement' issues, which I refuse to grant.


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