Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spud turns Two!

It was with great anticipation that we awaited for Saturday to arrive. Not only did we have a soccer game, baseball game and Spuds 2nd birthday party, it was going to snow! I am sure some parts of the country think it is just fine for the forecast to read 2-7 inches of snow on March 28th, but not here in Oklahoma. At daybreak , as Hubby and I dosed in bed, we heard it! The thunder of kiddos running down the wood floor rounding the corner to our room. Their hearts were pounding from the quick sprint out of bed. IT SNOWED MOM!! As I came to the realization that my dream of sleeping in till 7am had just been squashed like a bug. I pulled myself to the window to take a look at just how bad it had gotten. As I stood there, blinking a few times at what I saw, the kids were seeing who could get dressed the fastest to go out and get the newspaper. Something that the oldest never wants to go and do. This is when I realized that the meteorologist had been a bit off on his predictions. We had what they call a trace of snow. And when I say a trace it was just enough to cover a few blades of grass that had begun to turn a bright green.

After we all had a great breakfast, homemade whole wheat waffles ,we discussed the days agenda. First, Hannah girls soccer game had been postponed but Daddy still had to go to work . The baseball game had been bumped to 4pm in hopes to pull the tarp and get the field dried out. We were all excited about Spud's 2nd birthday but a bit bummed that we would not be taking our sleds with us.

We had to make a quick stop by Copelin's , the BEST toy/teacher/just cool stuff store that we know. Hannah had a birthday party to attend the next weekend and the child had registered at Copelin's. After we picked out a few things for the "bestest "gift ever, Hannah had decided that she too wanted to do the birthday registration. So about an hour and a half later we where on our way. As I tried to explain to her that birthday party's were to be thankful for those who came. Not expecting a gift and most important not one that had been registered for. Not so sure how much the soon- to- be 9 year understood. But I think she got my point about being happy with what you have and not wanting more. She was still dreaming of the Smenicls that she had just added at the last minute to her birthday box.

Spud had a great Elmo day! We had lots of fun playing, eating and watching the kiddos go crazy. Not to mention getting to visit with everyone. Now, Hannah awaits with great joy knowing that her day will be next. She is already ready for next years birthday! She has been promised that when she turns 10 she can get her ears pierced. It will be here before we all know it!

We ended the day with a drive over to Nana and Papa's house for pizza. We had not seen Nana since she had returned from Italy the week before. On the short drive over I was once again giving the lecture about not asking "what did you get us Nana?" but about getting to see Nana. Hannah understands now but not the other one. We had not made it in the house that he did not ask "what did you get us Nana?" Not just once, twice but THREE times! What can I say he is a work in progress!

Tonight is the BIG game! Our Women's basketball team play Purdue in the elite 8. This will be the last win that we need before we head to the Final Four in St. Louis. The kiddo's are so excited. And so are all of us!

Boomer Sooner!

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